Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are you ready for The Cage? 15th April 2007

Yes we are! Or so we thought... This is Battle Royale Singapore Style. 11 out-of-shape gladiators, 3 cheerleaders, 2 star players and 1 sweaty arena. Let the games BEGIN!!!!

The ref was not too pleased with the players not wearing the team jersey.

Alex: Raise the poms poms high you hear me?? HIGH UP!

Zing: Does this foot face inward or outward?

Steven Gerrard takes the penalty.

We really need a ball boy.

Perfect striking pose! He hits the ball! The keeper dives! To get out of the way!

Marcus: Was that a truck?

Mad dash for the vending machine at halftime.

You put your right leg in, you take your right leg out, you put your right leg in and you shake it all about..

Cristiano Calvino with 1 of his numerous stepovers.

Calvino: That was a foul! Gimme back the ball!

Raymond: I'm going to throw this at the next guy who comes inside the circle!!

What woud you do... if i did this? Or this? Or this? Or this?

Okay, ouch.

Roy Part 1: You think this is cool? Wait till i lobang you!

Another mad dash for the vending machine.

Roy Part Deux: You think this is cool? Watch this!

Roy Part Three: Ouch.

Perfect striking pose! He hits the ball! Cliff's in the way! Scratching his head!

This is harder than it looks.

Cliff: Toilet break! Let's go!

Gary: I dropped the coin right there. Yes, there! No, not that. There!

Raymond: He kicked me there Ref!

Calvino: Hoi! I'm here! Pass to me!! PASS TO MEEEEE!!!

Yanjie kept us in the match.

YJ: Swan dive guys! Swan dive!

Roy: Group pic time!

Roy: 1 more for keeps!

All except Roy: That's for the 2 hours of torture!!!

YJ: We need more determination, more dedication, more concentration.

YJ: Less stepovers dude.

YJ: Yes thank you, i'm manager of the month again, thank you all.

Calvino: I like doing stepover leh!