Sunday, August 26, 2007

TFH 1/6 Meet 2.30pm

Oh nos! Rival broadcasting station! Rofl. Just kidding. Testicular Fortitude and Neo Convoy in action.

TFH 1/6 Meet 2.00pm

Update @ 2.00pm.

LIVE UPDATE From TFH 1/6th Meet!


Our resident paparazzi, George.

Combat rations for our 1/6th warriors.

Spartans... Eat well... For today, we dine...


Getting ready for 5BX.

Searching for phone signal in the wild.

The company jeep, wellworn and sturdy.

As well as a donation to tog out Marcus's latest acquisition. :P

CK looking like a professional seller.

Getting the equipment ready before mobilisation.

Buying supplies from E-mart? Lol

Combat supplies.

Monday, August 20, 2007

We are so sorry!!

I admit it, we are such bad, bad boys. We haven't posted any naughty pictures or gossip for a month!! Sorry we haven't been posting but you guys have been so wonderful that we couldn't tear ourselves away from work for fear of missing some new item you guys wanted. Our bad.
:-( (Yes Shaun, yes Wee Tiong, we can hear you complaining in the background :D )

Anyway, here's how we are making it up to you guys who missed reading our blog.. Check it out!!

Cool? Just turn up and have fun! See ya!

Poster courtesy of Yan. Thanks buddy!