Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last Match at the Grand Old Dame

And now we have come full circle. The Singapore National Stadium, which was blooded with a Thailand match when it opened, is now closed with the final match against Thailand.

Both teams warming up

Here we go!

The Kallang Roar, back for one last time at this historic venue.

Sadly, even with a full crowd roaring them on, the lions flatter to deceive.

Numerous controversial decisions made by the ref marred a decidedly hotly contested match.

Its a goal!!!!!!!!!

(Another) Thai player being sketchered off.

Thai players walk off the pitch after being urged to by their coach. Disgraceful behaviour.

The Thai team at the byline, mulling whether to continue the match.

Lions keeping warm by doing light exercises.

The Thais walk back for the penalty (Singapore scored). Final Score: Singapore 2 - 1 Thailand

One last look.

Anybody fancy a lifesize Stik? :)